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The Original Door Dolly

The Original Door Dolly Feature

  • LIGHTER than a door and a whole lot easier to carry
  • CHEAPER than a new back ! The cost is right up there with two new eyes that work.
  • NON-MARKNG wheels with over 600 lb capacity each. If you can put it in..she can handle it.
  • Made Specifically for Commercial Wood , Metal & Steel Doors up to 10′ tall !!
  • Can rest easily in the front seat of your car. Can’t say the same for a sheetrock dolly.

The Original Door Dolly Overview
The Original Door Dolly is designed to help YOU work smarter NOT harder. It’s for the man who refuses to carry heavy doors on his back. Believe it or not there are people who still do this and suffer back problems and have WorkersComp claims too. The Original Door Dolly is for the bottom-line guy who knows that one guy doing the job of what used to take two is a money saver and replacing damaged doors due to mishandling and dropping is a money breaker. It’s also for the man who is too busy working to bother with making a door dolly. He will spend more in time and material making his own than the cost of The Original Door Dolly alone.

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